Listening and Inclusion

Putting others at ease is an enviable skill, and for many, it comes naturally. Being respectful and considerate is always appropriate. However, an area for improvement is often the practice of active listening. The art of listening includes being open and inclusive, especially to newcomers. For example:  Instead of waiting politely for a gap in

Body Language Key to Your Success

Understanding how others read your body language is a vital part of achieving your goals. Studies have shown that when judgments are formed based on body language, it is difficult to change those first impressions.   Unfortunately, many people seem unaware that they are being judged based on their body language and gestures. For example, if

Things you should know about professional presence

  Professional presence is more than just being the boss, doing your job and wearing expensive clothes. Read on to learn more. Poise, self-confidence, self-assurance, control, style, self-awareness and competence. What do these qualities have in common? They reflect professional presence! People who possess such qualities lead by example. They are hardworking, yet make it

Dressing Appropriately To Make a Positive First Impression

Studies have shown that within seven seconds of meeting someone, snap impressions about them are made. Fear, insecurities, curiosity, and power. These are some of the factors that influences snap impressions and sometimes lead to discrimination towards others because of how they are dressed. People who possess professional presence understand that clothing is an essential

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