Making The Case For A Great Fit

Fit Matters dJ design

Dress codes change constantly, and keeping abreast of acceptable work attire can be challenging. However, regardless of industry attire requirements, focusing on finding the best colors, fit, and style of clothing for Clients is very important.

A few months ago, a colleague introduced me to J.Hilburn, a Custom-Made men’s clothing brand. After completing the Stylist training requirements, and attending the annual company-wide conference, I am making the case for purchasing great fitting clothes!

Do you struggle to find clothes that fit perfectly? Do you like to look great and stylish but have limited time for shopping? If you answered yes to those two questions, Custom-Made clothing is for you! I spent my summers sewing buttonholes and hemming trousers for my father who was a tailor, so I know firsthand that when you wear Custom-Made clothing – you will look great.

Transitioning to Custom-Made clothing is a process and requires a trusted relationship between the Client and his Personal Stylist. The process:

1. The Appointment: We begin your appointment with a few questions about you to better understand your needs and preferences.

2. Measurements: We take 14 essential measurements to build your unique fit profile.

3. Your Custom-Made Wardrobe: We guide you through our collection of premium fabrics, styling, and personalization options to create garments that are exclusively designed for you.

4. The Delivery: We do more than deliver, we confirm your fit. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with the start of your Custom-Made wardrobe and the entire J.Hilburn experience.

Please contact me at to begin your Custom-Made clothing journey

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