Customer Experiences

“I will think longer before I pull the trigger on buying just any shade of red.”

IMG_2013“Prior to the consultation with Sonia my favorite color to wear was black. Now I’m ready and excited to work a little more color into my wardrobe.”

“I will think longer before I pull the trigger on buying just any shade of red.”

“In a sea of color choices, consulting with Sonia gave me much needed direction on which color tones actually looked best with my complexion.”

“You think you know what colors to wear until you actually stop to look in the mirror. Sonia’s color analysis session provided a much deeper look at how colors can vary from person-to-person. A personal consultation with her is entirely necessary.”

“All colors are not created equal…and the color analysis session with Sonia is proof. She helped find the best shades to match my complexion and personality. Similar to investing in pieces that you’ll keep long-term, there is great value in knowing which colors are most worth pursuing.”

Elysia Panda – CEO of Style412 – Pittsburgh, PA

IMG_0986Looking in the mirror with different shades really surprised me, what a difference color can make!

“Sonia was wonderful: she walked me through the process, ensuring that I understood the how and why of the analysis instead of just giving me the results. I feel so much more empowered to select clothing, styles, and accessories that fit not just my color palate but also my lifestyle and I had a great time in the process. I had always wondered if color really made a difference, or if it was mostly a matter of personal preference: looking in the mirror with different shades it really surprised me what a difference color can make! Some colors I wouldn’t touch on a hanger made my face come alive and a few of my go-to colors were actually making my skin and hair look really dull and lifeless. I can’t recommend Sonia enough!”

Patricia Decker – Program Manager  – Pittsburgh, PA

I was Shocked to Find out That I had been Wearing the Wrong Colors for years.

Recently, due to some hard won-lost weight, I had the opportunity to purchase an entirely new wardrobe.  Before going shopping, I went to Sonia for a color analyst.  Sonia was so fun to work with.  She did an excellent job explaining why certain colors worked better for me than others.   I was shocked to find out that I had been wearing the wrong colors for years.  The colors Sonia recommended take years off of me and makes people look more at me than at what I am wearing.

Whenever I go shopping now, I bring the color sheet Sonia provided me and use that to help me make decisions about what to purchase.  I would highly recommend Sonia for any image consulting.  I love her energy, her flair for fashion, and her skill.

Mara Kaplan – Executive Director of Let Kids Play – Pittsburgh, PA

A Deeper understanding of my colors and Sonia boosted my confidence!


Sonia provided me with a deeper understanding of colors and how they work for me. She also boosted my confidence and explained her process so eloquently. I look forward to relying on her expertise as I expand on my style!

Varsha – – Pittsburgh




“I had the pleasure of receiving image consultation services from Sonia in August of 2017. My hope was to meet with her and learn more about how my facial and physical features could be complimented and emphasized through the appropriate use of colors and style. From the moment our meeting began, my experience was filled with valuable information and endless professionalism. Sonia’s care for my concerns encouraged me to share my personal opinions, and her thoughtful feedback and knowledge of the information provided an opportunity for me to learn details that I would have otherwise never been aware of. Her attention to the process helped me to truly understand the “whys” and “hows” of what she discovered, which made the service once that I could learn from and take with me to utilize throughout the future! Best of all, she provided an electronic file with results from our meeting, which included photos of colors, styles, and recommendations, that I could review and save for use at a later date. Sonia’s services have allowed me to simplify my wardrobe and purchase new pieces of clothing that make me look my best in both social and professional environments. I would absolutely recommend Sonia to any friend, family member, or coworker that is seeking the opportunity to uncover and showcase their inner and outer beauty.”

Courtney J. – “Sporty, Professional, Muted” – Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve never considered my eye color when I wore clothes and I just though my iris colors are black.

fullsizeoutput_20c0.jpegSonia was interested in me as a person, so we talked a lot. One of the impressive parts was, throughout the talk Sonia asked about my lifestyle, dressing habit and what I want to do with color analysis and those parts naturally reflected the analysis. And that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. This was one of the parts that I thought she’s very professional.

I’ve never considered my eye color when I wore clothes and I just though my iris colors are black. However, there are also some colors inside my eyes when Sonia and I looked at it together. And I could see why my iris colors do when we picked my color palette. It was very interesting that similar colors look different on me. It depends not only on my iris and skin color but also the slight shadow of my chin and other things. What Sonia did was literally ‘Analysis’ based on ‘myself.’

I like the part that Sonia integrated the colors. After we choose my color palette, I thought it was the end of the analysis. But it was not! Sonia started to pick and match my lipstick color, and even there was a part to find out which color based accessory would be nice on me. That was very useful.

Actually, I didn’t start this color analysis course for some reasons, like for my career or for my special event. I wanted to do it because color analyzing is famous in my country, and it seemed very interesting. But what Sonia did was very professional, it was not only the time she analyzed my color but also the time that I looked into myself and what I have in my body.

Sonia gave my color palette to me. And there are some colors that I’ve been trying and also there are some colors that I’ve never been trying before. Yesterday, I went to shopping mall and I bought a yellow shirt that I’ve never tried before (because my skin color is based on yellow) But I have some yellows categories in my palette, so I just tried it. And it looked good!

I’m so happy that I can expand on my style for her help. I believe that it’ll make my life more fruitful! I really appreciate Sonia for her professional eyes, comments, and advice!

Soyong Lee – MD – Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve recommended Sonia to friends and clients and will continue to spread the word about her service!  

fullsizeoutput_d92Sonia’s Color Analysis helped me to understand how colors bring out different facets of my appearance. One big revelation is that there is a shade of each color for everyone…meaning we can wear any color but there is a shade within the spectrum of colors that bring out our essence more than others. I’ve recommended Sonia to friends and clients and will continue to spread the word about her service

Wadria Taylor – Entrepreneur/speaker – Pittsburgh, PA


I would call it “client-oriented service!

The service was very useful for me because as at that period in my life I was using minimum makeup but wanted my face looking gorgeous;)
The benefits I received from the color Analysis includes: I now know how to achieve the fresh face look without makeup. I can look fabulous when I am wearing the right colors in the outfit for the social events or special occasion. I feel less stressed about doing shopping. I absolutely liked that Sonia asked my opinion and clearly explained what this or that color was doing for my appearance. I would call it “client-oriented service “I realized that there are some colors from my color palette that suit me not the best way and that I can use some colors not necessarily from my color palette. The best value for me was an example of the color analysis service in general.

Svetlana Ryzhkova – Stylist/Blogger – Russia