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To say that I am glad that I came to Sonia with all my questions regarding style, color and personal image is not enough. It was not just the right decision, Sonia is the right person, extremely professional and accomplished in such a sensible area as personal image. I am a foreigner, and looking for a job and fitting into the local business culture were stressful enough for me, not even speaking about personal style and body image. I desperately needed a good advice from a knowledgeable person, a guidance to make me more confident in this period of transition.

Working with Sonia allowed me to stay focused on my career search. Sonia took care of the “exterior” part of the situation. First of all, Sonia determined what type of style and clothes fits me, taking into consideration my body type, pace of life and personal preferences. I made a couple of discoveries related to my body type, and became more aware of how to highlight its advantages in a better way.

Color analysis was a great experience. We had so much fun! All my life I considered myself a spring/summer type lady. It turned out that I was completely wrong! I had no idea how the correct color or undertone can change the way your face looks. Eyes can shine brighter or completely fade, skin can look perfect or became green, with dark areas under the eyes. It was magic! Now I know, what colors I shall avoid by all means in my wardrobe.

The third step was getting the right type of clothes. Sonia has a sharp eye for it! She has a sophisticated taste and literally sees the clothes that will make a perfect match. I could spend hours trying to find something, but it took Sonia a couple of minutes to get exactly what worked for me.

I cannot thank Sonia enough for the great job she did for me. She is a dedicated professional, and she goes way beyond regular style-consulting services. I needed a sort of guidance about the local business customs and its differences from the European ones. Thanks to Sonia’s experience of living abroad and travelling around the world she sees the bigger picture and feels the slightest details. She helped me a lot with local professional etiquette and demeanor. Our work was not only about what to wear for a special occasion or how to keep the closet organized. It was much more about how to feel confident in my-experienced-self and highlight the advantages I have on all levels (clothes, style, color, business culture, image). Sonia is the person who contributed a lot to my success! There is no other person so professionally strong and so dedicated to her gift, as Sonia. She sees me. She sees people.  Thanks Daria