“My unbelievable wonderful experience”

Betty Pace's Process
Betty Pace, MD Testimonial

Sonia is fabulous! Her services as a style consultant came to my attention through Facebook and personal referral. Working with Sonia was an unbelievably wonderful experience; she is professional and very knowledgeable about her expertise. Sonia not only provided services, she showed interest in me as a person. It was a memorable experience to spend the day with her learning about my color palette, best clothing for my body type, organizing my closet and learning to shop with purpose. Her approach to sorting through the clothes in my closet and to buy pieces to enhance my wardrobe has already saved money. Since the consultation, I shop smarter and no longer buy randomly. During my special event in early December, I used several pieces in my closet that I would have ignored before Sonia helped to plan my daily wardrobe. Sonia was very resourceful to edit my acceptance speech that was the perfect balance of personal and professional comments. The overall experience was very informative and I continue to use the techniques Sonia taught me. I would recommend her services enthusiastically! I chose Sonia because she operates in excellence, is trustworthy and provided a high-quality product. She practices the principal taught during the consultation. I learned more in one day with Sonia that I ever could imagine. I will use Sonia services for future style consultations and special event planning.

Thank You, Dr. Pace,