My Journey

My Passion is providing clients a meaningful and fun consulting experience 

IMG_1816On a warm sunny afternoon in June 2016, the idea of becoming an Image Consultant took root. I attended a women’s support group at The Center for Women in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA. The women I met inspired me. They generously shared their stories about the challenges they faced, and the efforts it took to transition back into the workforce. One woman’s story, in particular, inspired me the most. She had started a consulting business, which provided support and childcare services to young mothers like her.  I was so inspired by her story that I also wanted to start my own business, helping women in transition. After discussing many different business ideas with my BFF Terrylynn, we came up with the idea of an Image Consultant business. The reason for becoming an Image Consultant resonated so well with me was because, through my observations, and many conversations, people were very receptive to the idea.

I spent one-year training to become an Image consultant: I took an online course to gain Certification in Image Consultant, CIC, and also became a member of the Association of Image Consultant International.  Additionally, I read and researched many books, online and in print, visited countless websites to gain knowledge. I volunteered at Dress For Success, where I worked with women returning to or entering the workforce, by providing one-on-one wardrobe consultations.  I practiced styling and color analysis skills by styling the mannequins, color-coded clothing, and organized accessories in the boutique. I attend Toastmasters International to enhance and improve my speaking and presentation skills; there I practiced public speaking, mentored women in public speaking, and presentation skills, and I also serve as a mentor at the Center for women.

In July 2017, I launched my Image Consultant business.  Since then I have been building my business by offering clients body and color analysis and wardrobe planning services. I attend networking events to become more visible, and facilitated body language and body image workshops for women in transitions. Recently, I collaborated with Mover and Shaker Bear Brandegee of Worth New York in hosting a trunk show. To date, becoming an Image Consultant was the right decision. I am having a ball, learning and gaining valuable experiences from my clients and partners. To book an appointment for my services, please complete and submit your contact details below, and I will be in touch