Change and Awareness

Public Speaking

Modern technologies have made our lives exciting and fun, but poor social skills can hurt us. Be aware of social habits that can wreck your career and reputation.

For many of us, the working culture offers more flexibility and adaptability. Our standard practice is access to different forms of communications 24/7 and 365 days each year and conducting remote online meetings in our pajamas. Although these forms of interactions are invaluable to our working culture, they cannot replace our need to practice excellent social skills.

Possessing poor social skills in our human communications can stall, sabotage and wreck our reputation, careers and personal lives. We should all strive to become more aware and avoid poor etiquette, negative body language, and inappropriate dressing because they could ruin your reputation.

Fashion and Physique

I am so glad we are slowly moving away from the “ideal” body image and embracing our diversity. I visited the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in February, 2018, and was honored to hear the gracious Tim Gunn discuss the discriminations and difficulties people who don’t conform to certain body types face when trying to find clothes to fit their bodies . As an Image Consultant body positivity is something that I try to get my clients to focus on to embrace their bodies. For me it’s all about treating people like individuals rather than trying to fit us all into a box.


Discover your “Wow” colors

Why do we react to colors?

Wow colors1According  to Color theory, color has three categories:

imagesColor circle/wheel was first developed by Sir Issac Newton in 1666, based on the primary colors: red, yellow and blue.  Secondary colors: green, orange, and purple, and tertiary colors: yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green.

Color harmony: colors that please the eyes: analogous colors: colors next to each other on the 12 color wheel, such as yellow and green-yellow, yellow, yellow-orange. or complementary colors: colors that are directly opposite each other like red and green, and red-purple and yellow-green. Complementary colors create maximum contrast in color scheme.

Color context or use of color: We arrange colors in relation to each other, think basket of fruits. Colors can behave differently when next to other colors. For example, red appears brighter when the background is black, and against a white background, it appears less bright. According to Basic Color Theory

Psychology of colors: Most of us react to colors. We love some colors and others not so much. We don’t always know why we react to colors the way we do. How you feel about colors can be subjective. For example, what do you see, feel, and think when you look at the two color palettes below?  I love the colors in both pictures. However, I would wear more colors from the first palette, than colors in the second palette. What about you?


Although your choice of colors can be a subjective decision. Through color analysis, you can discover the colors that make you feel more confident and look more powerful. Please the contact for to book an appointment for Color Analysis


Wardrobe Management

Showcasing colors Red, Black, and white. Reds and whites are very popular colors for spring and summer season and black complements most looks. These pieces are both timeless and chic. Similar pieces are available at many stores and boutiques