10 Benefits of Wardrobe Cluster

Wardrobe clusterAre your clothing and accessories meeting all your psychological social and aesthetic needs? Or do you often feel overwhelmed and struggle to put interesting, suitable, and attractive looks together? If this is your situation, don’t despair the wardrobe clusters strategy might be ideal for you.

A wardrobe cluster is easy to remember and it is easy to use. This clothes coordinating strategy is designed to simplify your lifestyle needs thus giving you more time to focus on other areas of your personal and professional life.

Benefits of Wardrobe Cluster

  1. It helps you to create a functional wardrobe.
  2. It’s great for the environment because its a smart sustainably strategy.
  3. It helps you to organize your clothes in new and exciting ways.
  4. Makes your wardrobe manageable because it breaks your wardrobe into small groupings.
  5. Help you to easily identify gaps in your closet making it easier to plan purchases.
  6. You mix your older clothes with newer items for maximum vintage wear.
  7. Reduces your shopping time because you know whether it fits into your current wardrobe.
  8. Breaks the impulse shopping habit.
  9. You get more outfits from fewer clothes, thus saving you money.
  10. With repeated practice, it helps you to define and personalize your individual style.

Five Guidelines to Build your Wardrobe Cluster

  1. Use your favorite color to create your cluster color scheme.
  2. Choose five to ten pieces, both tops, and bottoms to fit your lifestyle.
  3. Begin with simple basic pieces that work well together.
  4. Choose versatile accessories.
  5. Practice and with the time you will learn to love the outcome.

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