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My name is Sonia.. and you are?   15 Networking Tips: Just Say Hello

“ You are good at networking .”   This is a compliment I have been receiving recently, and usually I don’t give this it any thought. However, recently, I attended some events, and after reviewing the contacts I made during that time, I realised that networking was effortless for me.  I can finally admit that I am pretty good at it. You see, I can be a people person, at times,  and usually, welcome the opportunity to engage in conversations. Although It’s work, it can also be fun.

These are my tips whenever I attend an event :

  1. Once you decide to attend an event, be excited about it, even if  you are tired
  2. Learn something about the event you are attending
  3. Dress appropriately for the occasion
  4. Plan to have fun
  5. Go with the intention of meeting and greeting at least three people
  6. Walk into the event as if you are happy to be there
  7. Look happy while you are there
  8. Make a conscious effort to talk with someone
  9. Simply walk up to people and introduce myself
  10. Shake hands when you meet someone
  11. Say hello and give your name
  12. Give the person a compliment,
  13. Pay attention to both yours and the other person’s body language
  14. Look for cues when to end the conversation, usually within ten minutes
  15. End conversation by shaking hands
  16. Start a conversation with another person
  17. Aim to speak to at least three or four people

I cannot stress this enough. Be aware of your surroundings, and the people in the space. Make a positive comment about something you have observed about the person you are talking with, whether it’s their firm handshake, or their smile. The complement could be about anything, but most importantly, it should be sincere. Or comment on something about the surroundings. The aim is simply to connect with another person. Happy networking

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