IMG_0396Recently, due to some hard-won weight lost, I had the opportunity to purchase an entirely new wardrobe.  Before going shopping, I went to Sonia for a color analyst.  Sonia was so fun to work with.  She did an excellent job explaining why certain colors worked better for me than others.   I was shocked to find out that I had been wearing the wrong colors for years. The colors Sonia recommended take years off of me and makes people look more at me than at what I am wearing.  Whenever I go shopping now, I bring the color sheet Sonia provided me and use that to help me make decisions of what to purchase.  I would highly recommend Sonia for any image consulting.  I love her energy, her flair for fashion, and her skill. Mara  Executive Director of Let Kids Play

IMG_2466Sonia is fabulous! Her services as a style consultant came to my attention through Facebook and personal referral.  Working with Sonia was an unbelievably wonderful experience; she is professional and very knowledgeable about her expertise.  Sonia not only provided services, but she also showed interest in me as a person. It was a memorable experience to spend the day with her learning about my color palette, best clothing for my body type, organizing my closet and learning to shop with purpose.

Her approach to sorting through the clothes in my closet and to buy pieces to enhance my wardrobe has already saved money.  Since the consultation, I shop smarter and no longer buy randomly.  During my special event in early December, I used several pieces in my closet that I would have ignored before Sonia helped to plan my daily wardrobe. Sonia was very resourceful to edit my acceptance speech that was the perfect balance of personal and professional comments.  The overall experience was very informative and I continue to use the techniques Sonia taught me.  I would recommend her services enthusiastically! I chose Sonia because she operates in excellence, is trustworthy and provided a high-quality product.  She practices the principal taught during the consultation.  I learned more in one day with Sonia that I ever could imagine. I will use Sonia services for future style consultations and special event planning.  Dr. B Pace


To say that I am glad that I came to Sonia with all my questions regarding style, color, and personal image is not enough. It was not just the right decision, Sonia is the right person, extremely professional and accomplished in such a sensible area as a personal image. I am a foreigner, and looking for a job and fitting into the local business culture was stressful enough for me, not even speaking about personal style and body image. I desperately needed good advice from a knowledgeable person, guidance to make me more confident in this period of transition.

Color analysis was a great experience. We had so much fun! All my life I considered myself a spring/summer type lady. It turned out that I was completely wrong! I had no idea how the correct color or undertone can change the way your face looks. Eyes can shine brighter or completely fade, skin can look perfect or became green, with dark areas under the eyes. It was magic! Now I know, what colors I shall avoid by all means in my wardrobe. The third step was getting the right type of clothes. Sonia has a sharp eye for it! She has a sophisticated taste and literally sees the clothes that will make a perfect match. I could spend hours trying to find something, but it took Sonia a couple of minutes to get exactly what worked for me. Daria

IMG_2015“Prior to the consultation with Sonia my favorite color to wear was black. Now I’m ready and excited to work a little more color into my wardrobe.” “I will think longer before I pull the trigger on buying just any shade of red.”

“In a sea of color choices, consulting with Sonia gave me much needed direction on which color tones actually looked best with my complexion.” “You think you know what colors to wear until you actually stop to look in the mirror. Sonia’s color analysis session provided a much deeper look at how colors can vary from person-to-person. A personal consultation with her is entirely necessary.”  “All colors are not created equal…and the color analysis session with Sonia is proof. She helped find the best shades to match my complexion and personality. Similar to investing in pieces that you’ll keep long-term, there is great value in knowing which colors are most worth pursuing.” Elysia Panda, Brand Expert


I met Sonia at a happy hour I was hosting for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Pittsburgh and was struck by her positive energy and poise. We stayed in touch and a few months later, YNPN Pgh invited her to join us to present at an event on developing your career. Sonia prepared and presented an engaging and insightful presentation, perfectly tailored to our group – young professionals. She was personal and used evocative imagery to draw the group into her presentation. The session covered topics ranging from professional attire to tailored and responsive communication. She also brought along hard copy materials of top tips and contact info for follow up for our attendees. We’re so grateful to have connected with Sonia and would highly recommend her for a large group, small group or one-on-one coaching or training.  Evelyn Gardner, non-profit consultant

IMG_2411“The cohort seemed to really enjoy Sonia’s presentation on the image and putting one’s best look forward. It was helpful to learn more tips for us to always exude self-confidence.”  Marita Garrett, MA



Sonia’s presentations of the “Embracing Transitions” series at the Center for Women empowered women with the confidence to focus on themselves as they return to the workforce, reinvent themselves and/or advance their careers.  Sonia’s glass half full approach is refreshing.  She gave us the positivity and the challenges we need to feel good about self-care and putting ourselves first during busy lives.  So often women put our own needs aside to be caregivers and professionals; we now have strategies to reroute our path when we lose sight of how to care for ourselves.

Exercises on how to be aware of and present your body language are applicable across many aspects of your business and personal life.  Learning how to present and explore my personal style helps me step outside of my comfort zone of a “black is best” wardrobe.  I can use these tools in my own life as a mother, daughter, wife, sister and non-profit professional. Sonia’s presentations were very valuable to the women who use the Center for Women services. I scheduled her to present her workshop series for the third time in October 2018. I will not hesitate to recommend her Image consultation services to other organizations. Becky Abrams CFW Director

IMG_1473.jpgIt was a consignment event where the shopping was quite eclectic. Sonia’s presentation was very helpful. Attendees appreciated the tips on coordinating different patterns, textures, and colors while selecting unique and timeless items to complement their existing wardrobes. The information that Sonia shared about selecting appropriate colors for both the season as well as your skin tone was well received. She also incorporated the importance of inner beauty and how you present yourself also affects your personal style. Attendees were inspired, engaged and prepared to shop following her presentation. Sonia is articulate, engaging, and approachable and has immaculate style. She immediately captured the audience’s attention and kept it throughout her presentation.

She made eye contact with every guest and answered questions gracefully and knowledgeable. That “your color is your color,” even when it’s no longer “color of the year” you should keep it around because it will always look great on you! It was a priceless partnership. Her passion, knowledge, and expertise were the perfect complement to the event. I do t want to do another event of this type without Sonia! Rhonda Bolding, Marketing Executive

IMG_2350Sonia had me sit in natural light and draped different color swatches around my neck to see which color brought out my skin and eyes. As I mentioned in the previous post my favorite color is black. But I have to admit I never knew so many different bright colors complemented me.

Now when I shop I’ll have to ask  myself – “Is this a warm or spring color?” She gave me a little pocket-sized color analysis to take with me while I pick out clothes to wear. This has helped me get out of my comfort zone and try new colors. And I now know one of my WOW colors is cherry red 🙂 Patrice Mackenzie

fullsizeoutput_d92Sonia’s Color Analysis helped me to understand how colors bring out different facets of my appearance. One big revelation is that there is a shade of color for everyone…meaning we can wear any color but there is a shade within the spectrum of colors that bring out our essence more than others. I’ve recommended Sonia to friends and clients and will continue to spread the word about her services.  Wadria Taylor

fullsizeoutput_20c0Sonia was interested in me as a person, so we talked a lot. One of the impressive parts was, throughout the talk Sonia asked about my lifestyle, dressing habit and what I want to do with color analysis and those parts naturally reflected the analysis. And that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. This was one of the parts that I thought she’s very professional.

I’ve never considered my eye color when I wore clothes and I just though my iris colors are black. However, there are also some colors inside my eyes when Sonia and I looked it together. And I could see why my iris colors do when we picked a color palette. It was very interesting that similar colors look different on me. It depends not only my iris and skin color but also the slight shadow of my chin and other things. What Sonia did was literally ‘Analysis’ based on ‘myself.’ Soyong Lee





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