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Time to get your wardrobe ready for Summer 2020 with this Wardrobe Detox Bundle Offer.

Investing in a wardrobe detox gives you a great return on your investment. Creating a wardrobe that is organized and free from clutter immediately eliminates the stress of not knowing what to wear each day. You will feel lighter, in control of your image, and ultimately look amazing.



Wardrobe Planning

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Are you constantly shopping for clothes, yet you feel like your clothes do not meet your needs or goals?  Book a wardrobe planning consultation session.

Ideally, your wardrobe should have clothes for every occasion imaginable. To achieve this aim you must first realize that this doesn’t happen overnight its requires a planning process.

The Wardrobe Planning Service helps clients develop a  wardrobe that meets their physical, psychological, social and aesthetic needs. Focusing on lifestyle and personal style preferences.

Wardrobe planning is customized for each client. What works for one person might not work for another person.

Based on the client’s needs, goals and budget the wardrobe planning process include design strategies to create the best wardrobe for each client.

Working with an image consultant will allow you to adapt your wardrobe to your evolving personal style, lifestyle, and goals. A Wardrobe Planning begins with a twenty minutes Consultation to determine the client’s needs and goals.

Schedule a Consultation 


Wardrobe Organizing

pexels-photo-264554.jpegDo you want to use your wardrobe space more efficiently and eliminate the guilt you feel each time you open your wardrobe?

This begins with

  1. Taking care of your clothes.
  2.  Viewing your clothes as valuable resources rather than disposable commodities.

Investing in a well-organized wardrobe will be rewarding, beneficial and functional:

  1.  It will decrease your stress.
  2. Each time you open your closet doors you easily access your clothes.
  3. Your wardrobe will display your clothes and accessories rather than just storage
  4. Everything will be visible, within easy reach and categorized

Are you ready for a wardrobe makeover contact me to Book Wardrobe Organizing  Consultation now?

Additional Programs are available and here.


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