First few seconds…….

We form judgments about people within seconds of seeing them based on their appearance, speech, and behavior.

Make the most of your first few seconds, by following these three tips:      

Wear colors that harmonize with your eyes, hair and skin colors

Wear clothes that fit your body build

Wear clothes that fit your style personality


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Image Consultant Services

We begin with a 30 minutes one on one consultation to determine all the factors that contribute to a a client’s lifestyle, their personal style. This includes your location, roles, pace of life, personality coloring, body build etc…

Contact me to Book Consultation

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We are individuals and I think we should be treated like individuals. I create customized services for my clients based on some of these factors their location, lifestyle, personality, budget, body-build, coloring, and activities.

Contact me for customized services



What’s it all about?

The only things I know for sure are, (thanks Oprah) we come into this world, and we leave. Therefore, I want to spend my time having many fun experiences and hopefully sharing them with the special people in my life.

Challenges are part of life, but I don’t want to lose sight of the fun moments. I want my clients to see my image consultant services as an investment, which will ultimately save them time, money, and keep them organized. So that they can get back to spending more of their time doing the things they love.

My Journey

My Passion is providing clients a meaningful and fun consulting experience 

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