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This is how it all began

Gift card giving began back In 1994. Blockbusters invented the gift cards, and this transformed the way we give gifts. Gift cards are trendy, easy to purchase, impersonal and many people request them as their preferred gifts. Each holiday season we spend billions on purchasing gift cards. You probably received at least one, (I did).  
This is where we are:

So here we are 20 years later: In 2015 CEB TowerGroup a market researcher company reported that we spend over $130 on gift card gifts each year, yet $1 billion go unused. For many people receiving gift cards has become problematic. According to finance and business writer Gregory Bresiger “what seems like a great gift can turn into a horror show” because we often receive gift cards from businesses we don’t like, shops we don’t warn me about being wasteful. To this day I can hear their voices Do not be wasteful, show gratitude, someone spent time getting that for you”. Invariable I have a thing about waste:)

How can we solve this dilemma? If you grew up hearing similar words, then let us fix this unused gift card dilemma? This year I am making it one of my mission to show people creative ways to use their gift cards, with ease.
We can fix it:

Easy Fixes

Essential shopping, charity giving, re-gifting are creative solutions Style Management Experience offers to clients who have unused gift cards dilemma. If you are wondering what to do about your unused holiday gift cards don’t despair creative help is here.

  1. Spend your gift cards to purchase things you love; For example, do you need to update your look. Contact me to help assist you as your personal shopper.
  2. Donate your gift cards to the charity of your choice.
  3. Re-gift to a friend in need, give to someone with children who might be struggling
  4. Give gift cards to nonprofits
  5. Exchange gift cards for cash, Click here

Receiving gift cards should be fun so let’s solve this unused gift card dilemma.

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