Eight First Impression Management Tips



ImpressionDoes first impression matter? Think about that for a moment. We are sensing, and thinking beings and how we interpret and behave is primarily based on how we see the world. When you meet someone for the first time, do you form a judgment about them immediately? Do you quickly look away? Or do you try to engage them? These reactions are all based on our first impressions.  So yes the first impression matters more than that we want to admit.

Adapt these eight easy tips to help you make a favorable first impression

De-Cluttering your life now by discarding clothes that do not work for you.
Grooming is not optional, be immaculate in the way you present your self
Enhance your appearance – accessories and makeup can transform your look
Pay attention to details
Re-think and update your look January is an excellent month to do this
Buy less but invest in quality pieces.
If you are stuck and need help with your image  – invest in a professional to help you.
Being well put together is timeless.

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