Value of An Image Consultant

THIS means I am committed to my client ’s well being and quickly become their trusted and reliable confidant, because and I’m usually only a phone call or text message away. As an image consultant, I have expertise in many areas regarding your personal brand. selective focus photography of woman wearing watch and pink scoop-neck shirtI work on what is known in as the ABCDE of image Consultant that is: (a) Appearance, is about your visual signature, and how people see you. (B) Behavior is about visual impact and the impression people form about you based on your behavior when they meet/ see you. (c) Communication is all about how you communicate to the world and how people judge you based on what people think you are communicating, this involves whether you are viewed as a good communicator,  confident and powerful. (d) Digital Presence, your social media presence (e) Experience- how your life experiences affect our outlook on and life limit us.

I help individuals, nonprofits, and corporate clients from all areas of life, assess their image and lifestyle to determine the best services for you. Once you’ve engaged an image consultant you have gained a trusted confidant.  Who will work with you to look and feel your best from your inside-out? I will help you to present yourself the way you want others to see you, because your image is your visual resume, and you only get a few moments to make a great first impression.

Everyone benefits from an Image Consultant, especially  if you fall into any of these categories: man wearing white dress shirt and gray dress pants holding hat

  • You receive very little or no compliments when you dress up.
  • You have a closet filled with clothes regularly but you feel like you have nothing to wear.
  • Your skin looks dull when you wear certain colors and you dress mainly in gray, black or white.
  • Your lack of self-confidence and self-esteem is reflected in your appearance.
  • You suffer from low self-esteem and self-doubt
  • Your time management skills are poor
  • You work very hard but have very little to show in productivity
  • Your speaking style is poor and has a negative impact
  • You want to feel and look great on the inside and outside

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