5 Tips To Getting Things Done

Continuation from Article: There Are No Short Cuts Part 2 Create an intention Fulfilling your goals successfully begins with the strategy of identifying the intention of your goals. Having this knowledge is of paramount importance because it will help you to design an action plan to fulfill your goal and to keep you focused. Let’s say,

Dining Etiquette Hacks For Positive Impressions

Rea Dining Etiquette skills make for positive social interactions and positive impressions! Do you think it is important to learn social etiquette to make a positive impression? For many of us living in the 21st century is complicated.  We are busy and constantly on the go, rushing from one activity to another. Juggling many competing priorities

Listening and Inclusion

Putting others at ease is an enviable skill, and for many, it comes naturally. Being respectful and considerate is always appropriate. However, an area for improvement is often the practice of active listening. The art of listening includes being open and inclusive, especially to newcomers. For example:  Instead of waiting politely for a gap in

Mini Consultation

To get you started on your image journey try  this season mini consultation  program Includes: Lifestyle and Image Assessment Color Consultation Body structure analysis One One-on-One Coaching via video or in person You will receive a Personalized Workbook and a Color Palette and a Virtual Closet App and One Shopping Experience and Limited Email &