Colors Attract Attention

Wear colors with confidence Color is one of the first things people notice about you and your personal brand. It holds information about your personal preferences, emotions, and motivations. Consider these factors when choosing the colors for your products and services, because the colors should enhance your brand and attract clients. Some colors to consider: blue, pink,

9 Benefits of Wardrobe Cluster

Wardrobe cluster is easy to remember and easy to use clothes coordinating strategy designed to simplify your wardrobe to save you time, space and money. It will help you to create a functional wardrobe. It’s a smart sustainably strategy. Helps you to organize your clothes in a new exciting way. Makes your wardrobe manageable because it

Fashion and Physique

I am so glad we are slowly moving away from the “ideal” body image and embracing our diversity. I visited the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in February, 2018, and was honored to hear the gracious Tim Gunn discuss the discriminations and difficulties people who don’t conform to certain body types face when trying

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