There Are No Short Cuts

5 Tips to Getting Things Done

Part 1

As a society, we measure success in many ways. These may include attaining wealth,  possessions, and power, having a family and friends, creating opportunities to do what we love, and achieving our goals.  We also know that there are no secrets to success. Early in life our parents, teachers, elders, and society drilled this knowledge into us. 

Ask anyone this question: “What are some of the basic principles of becoming successful?” You’ll probably get responses similar to these:

  • It takes effort and sacrifice.
  • It requires hard work and discipline.
  • There are no shortcuts or no quick fixes to become successful.

Notably, we have a wealth of information and resources available to us about how to become successful.  There are an unlimited number of books, online videos, songs, and advice from experts available at our fingertips. These resources are filled with strategies, and processes to inspire and motivate us to become wealthy, powerful, and do what we love. Yet, in spite of our access to the knowledge and available resources, only a small percentage of people report living successful lives. Many of us fail to grasp the strategies and processes outlined in many of these resources. We fail to grasp that becoming successful often means goal setting, applying a vast amount of effort, and working hard consistently. Additionally, it involves following a step by step process to forming new habits. These habits will ultimately help us to accomplish our goals to become successful. 

Read Part 2 for the five tips to get things done successfully.  



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