Physical Distancing: An Extraordinary Gift

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When physical distancing began it quickly became clear to me that this was an extraordinary gift. It felt like an opportunity to review and refocus attention on my business, and other projects that had been put on hold for months, including my desire for a daily exercise routine. Now seemed like a good time to fulfill that desire, and to use it to keep me motivated, and focused on accomplishing some goals.

Based on my past experience, depending solely on my willpower to get me out of bed each morning to do an exercise routine was pointless. I needed to be held accountable and solicited help from social media, by announcing and committing to posting a video of me exercising daily. With one request: that my friends and followers hold me accountable. By reaching out to me if I hadn’t posted a video by 2 pm EST. To date, these daily videos have inspired some of my followers and friends each of whom have begun a daily exercise routine. Some have sent me their photos and videos.

Although in the beginning getting out of bed was a struggle, being a morning person made it easier for me to do so. It soon became clear that my commitment to daily exercise could also be motivation for completing other projects. So each morning before exercising, I work for about two hours on outstanding projects that include writing articles and creating marketing materials for my image consultant business. Then I reward myself with an exercise routine, thus keeping me motivated, and focused. Throughout the day when distractions interrupt my concentration, (which happens frequently), I am assured, knowing that I already exercised and worked on my business. 

I am grateful for this extraordinary gift.

Do you feel as if you have a lot of time on your hands, and haven’t accomplished much? You may need help to review and refocus on some aspects of your life.

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