Listening and Inclusion

Putting others at ease is an enviable skill, and for many, it comes naturally. Being respectful and considerate is always appropriate. However, an area for improvement is often the practice of active listening.


The art of listening includes being open and inclusive, especially to newcomers. For example:

  •  Instead of waiting politely for a gap in the conversation to speak, practice active listening. Pay attention to what the other person is saying so that your response shows your understanding of the situation.
  • When someone new approaches your group, welcome them. To avoid dominating or manipulating conversations, show restraint by giving others the opportunity to speak.

Adopting these professional presentation skills will help you achieve your goals and objectives as you build a successful professional career!

We all need coaching in our careers, whether it’s because we want to climb up the career ladder or because we want to take our current position to the next level.

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