Body Language Key to Your Success


Understanding how others read your body language is a vital part of achieving your goals.

Studies have shown that when we form judgments based on body language, it is difficult to change those first impressions.  

Unfortunately, many people seem unaware that they are being judged based on their body language and gestures. For example, if someone sits with their arms and legs crossed in an interview or meeting, they might be feeling nervous. However to the interviewer or boss they might come across as defensive or close-minded.  

It is essential to ensure that your body language does not run counter to the message you intend to send. These tips will help you.

  •     If you get nervous or bored and fold your arms during meetings. Take notes, this will distract you from nervousness.
  •     If members of your staff sit in this manner, consider offering them something to hold, like water or an article to look at. This will allow them to unfold their arms.

It is important to remember that positive body language often speaks louder than words. Understanding and practicing good body language could be the key to your success.

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