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Designing A Successful Career

How I got started: During my job search activities at the library I learned about the Center for Women(CFW), an organization that helps women in transition. I signed up with CFW and used most of their services, including becoming a member of their  Woman 2 Woman Toastmasters Club. However, I had one big problem – I was unsure of the type of career I wanted to pursue.  I enrolled in CFW internship program and completed three internship positions to see if I had the aptitude for a job in the social services industry.

Building a successful career: While I was actively pursuing a career in the social services,  I was simultaneously pursuing an Image Consultant career. I observed that many of the job seekers I met could benefit from some soft skills training that would help them become more successful in their job search and beyond. I researched and found that a career as an image consultant would give me the opportunity to provide soft skills training to help clients overcome their defense mechanism strategies in areas such as  (a) appearance (b) confidence (c) non-verbal communication. I pursued and obtained my Certification in Image Consultant and then immediately began volunteering at Dress for Success to gain hands-on experience. In July 2016 I launched my business: Style Management Experience. In addition to working with individual clients, I present transition workshops on topics such as appearance, self-image, and self-confidence.

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