Dressing Appropriately To Make a Positive First Impression

Studies have shown that within seven seconds of meeting someone, snap impressions about them are made.


Fear, insecurities, curiosity, and power. These are some of the factors that influence snap impressions and sometimes lead to discrimination towards others because of how they are dressed.

People who possess professional presence understand that clothing is an essential part of how we communicate our values and personalities,  so they ensure that they dress appropriately, to make a positive first impression in their professional environment.

Make a positive first impression means following these tips:

  • When you are planning your professional wardrobe, be mindful of your particular industry and dress accordingly.
  •  Choose mainly classic pieces and add a few trendy items to stay current.
  •   For items that will be worn often, buy quality when possible.
  •  Classics quality items: Jacket/Blazer, Pants, Coats, Shoes, Handbag
  •  Trendy items: Top/ Blouse/Shirt, and Accessories
  •  Dress for your body type, and you will look amazing!

It is important to always strive to dress in a manner that conveys confidence in others so that you will be viewed positively and seen as the best candidate for promotions, and business opportunities.

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