Try These Six Living In The Moment Tips For A Fun Holiday Experience

Try These Six Living In The Moment Tips For A Fun Holiday Experience



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Our view of the world is based on factors such as our interactions, observations, mindset, and thinking. We begin forming our impressions of the world in infancy.   These factors influence our self-concept, self-image, appearance, behavior, and form the basis of our personality.

New insights: Previously, psychologists thought that our personality was fixed. However, we now know that our self-image and personality evolve with time, and Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s research reveals that our personality is malleable.

Solutions: Becoming knowledgeable about your personality means making changes for exciting and fun holiday season experiences. Follow these six tips:

(i)     Identify your style personality type and use this knowledge to step out of your comfort zone.

(ii)     Wear a new color.

(iii)    Wear a new style.

(iv)     Become assertive.

(v)      Be understanding and compassionate to yourself.

(vi)     Be Present and have a fantastic holiday season.


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